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An Individual Story

One story that really touched my heart is about two little orphans named Lovemore and Herbert who live with their grandmother. Lovemore is 10 years old and Hebert is 8 years old. When I first met them, Lovemore had dropped out of school so that he could take care of his brother and grandmother. Lovemore started his day by going to the township to beg for food. In the picture below the caregivers are talking to Lovemore. This day he hadn’t been so lucky - he didn’t get any food for his family. What is very touching is that Lovemore is very kind - he usually shares the little food he collects with someone else in need.

With the help of the Tekeshe Foundation Lovemore is back in school. He receives food, school supplie s and school uniforms from the Foundation. Sadly Lovemore not only has to deal with being an orphan but he also suffers from epilepsy. He gets epileptic seizures frequently. When he gets the seizures he ends up passing out. Sometimes when he passes out he ends up getting hurt. Unfortunately, Lovemore doesn’t receive any form of  treatment. People in the community asked me to appeal to the western world to help  this little boy. He is very intelligent. Yet without outside help his Future  is bleak. He needs medication to control these seizures. 

This is the  way life is in these rural areas for the  majority of the people. The rural clinics that were established by American missionaries in the early sixties, though still operational, lack even the basic essentials needed to operate a clinic, such as, gloves, glucometers etc. The clinics are in dire need of medicines,

gloves,home based care kits etc.

An Individual Story

Another story that really touched my herat is of a little boy named Pomerayi  who lives with his mother, sister and brothers. Pomerayi woke up one morning with a headachace. His mother took him to the clinic but there was nothing they could do. They advised his mother to take him to the hospital. Pomerayi's situation grew worse. His legs became weak and he became paralyzed. His mother struggled to get money for transportation to the nearest hospital. Pomerayi was diagnosed with bone TB. He was given medication. After taking the medicine for several months his condition improved but unfortunately he remained paralyzed. Pomerayi's mom was advised to take him for therapy. Sadly Pomerayi's mom was not able to raise money to enable to take Pomerayi for therapy. In the picture below, our community care coordinator, Mrs Monica Zimunya and the caregivers dropped by to give Pomerayi a


On Christmas day the caregivers and I visted Pomerayi to see how he was doing. It was heart wrenching to watch as the caregivers cheered Pomerayi up by giving him a toy truck and some scones. This little boy needs help.