The Tekeshe Foundation was officially founded in 2006 with the inspiration of continuing with the vision of Mr. & Mrs. Tekeshe Sithole. Mr. & Mrs. Sithole had a great vision to empower young people in the rural areas of Zimbabwe, Chipinge to grow up to be successful, self-sufficient citizens.  Mr. & Mrs. Sithole’s goal in life was to teach people how to fish for a life time. They believed that self-sufficiency moves people from poverty and dependency to economic independence and opportunity.  Mr. & Mrs. Sithole felt that this could be accomplished through education and hard work.


Mr. Sithole began his work by focusing on the objective of ensuring that every boy and girl had the opportunity to receive an education.  He wanted that education to include not only academics but good moral and ethical values as well.  He worked with missionaries, to whom his home was always open, and with Chief Rimbi and the local people to build schools and establish Sunday school programs.  Mrs. Sithole worked faithfully side by side with her husband toward meeting the needs of the township’s future, its youth.  She also worked as a nurse treating people from her medicine chest because of the absence of local medical facilities.


Realizing the desperate need for a clinic in the township, Mr. Sithole joined forces with a missionary doctor, Doctor Franklin Donaldson, to organize and lead the local people in building a clinic themselves rather than wait without hope for outside help.  They established work camps and schedules that quickly made the clinic a reality.  Doctor Franklin Donaldson and Dr Kirk Stetson continued to support the clinic by visiting it once every month to treat the people.


Mr. & Mrs. Sithole’s vision was coming to fruition when most of the young people were finally able to attend school.  However, full realization of their dream was still hindered by limited opportunities and funds for those who wished to pursue higher levels of education.  Mr. Sithole knew how to get help.  He worked tirelessly writing letters of recommendations, making personal contacts to find jobs for the young people, and obtaining scholarships for them.