December 19, 2009 - The Tekeshe Foundation Donates an Amubulance to Rimbi Village...


A Day Of Celebration As The Tekeshe Foundation Donates An Ambulance To the village

Providing access to health care, clean water and sanitation and combating malnutrition is at the heart of the Tekeshe Foundation's vision. Unlike the Urban areas where people have access to health care, the  people in the rural areas have limited access to health care because hospitals, clinics, doctors and nurses are either non-existent or often inaccessible due to poor roads or inadequate means of transportation, or simply poverty.  Where they exist, community clinics simply don’t have the resources to cater to the medical needs of the communities they serve.

In keeping with its vision, The Tekeshe Foundation purchased a previously owned vehicle directly from Japan to be utilized as an ambulance for transportation of patients to and from Chikore Hospital. The use Chikore hospital is made possible through a partnership with the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe (UCCZ). Through this partnership, patients from Rimbi and neighboring villages will receive free medical checkups.  The ambulance will aslo be used to transport a medical doctor from Mt Selinda who will make mothly visits to Rimbi Clinic to check up on patients

It was a day of celebration in Rimbi village as people gathered at Rimbi Primary  school to witness the Tekeshe Foundation donating an ambulance to Rimbi community.  Reverend Mathuvhunye, president of United Church Of Christ in Zimbabwe(UCCZ) received the ambulance from the Tekeshe Foundation and handed the keys to chief Rimbi.  People danced and praised God as they feasted on goat meat and sadza ( a staple food made from corn meal)