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ClearOne to Showcase Conference and Collaboration Solutions for Every Size of Meeting Space at ISE 2024

Complete portfolio of audio conferencing, visual collaboration, BYOD collaboration, professional microphones, network management and AV networking solutions will be exhibited and demonstrated throughout the show.

Kicking off the new year on a high note, ClearOne (NASDAQ: CLRO), a global market leader enabling conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming solutions, is returning to ISE 2024 with a broad range of audio conferencing, visual collaboration, BYOD collaboration, professional microphones, network management and AV networking solutions, reinforcing its ability to provide solutions for every type and size of meeting environment.

“We are very excited to begin the new year at ISE 2024 where we can showcase all our latest product innovations and highlight the depth of our portfolio in all types of meeting environments,” ClearOne CEO Derek Graham said today. “Our portfolio of solutions is designed, engineered, and optimized to work together seamlessly and be installed easily. We will drive that message home throughout the show this year.”

Innovation Leads the Way:

ClearOne is showcasing several recently released products at ISE 2024, including the just launched DIALOG® 20 USB Wireless Microphone System, a flexible, high quality 2-channel wireless solution that features less than four milliseconds of audio latency that effectively enables hybrid meetings with local sound reinforcement. The solution is ideal for hybrid meetings that require a dedicated presenter microphone and a shared audience microphone with simultaneous sound reinforcement, such as any type of hybrid training or presentation session in spaces up to 2500 square feet.

A close-up of a microphone

Description automatically generatedFeaturing a complete range of Handheld, Boundary, and Gooseneck microphone setting options, as well as a beltpack with Lanyard, Headset, or Lavalier mics, the DIALOG 20 USB is powered by robust, frequency-hopping spread-spectrum technology with no frequency license restrictions world-wide. A built-in auto-scan feature automatically finds open channels for optimal reception. Standards-based encryption ensures a secure link for wireless audio, and a wide audio bandwidth provides superior speech clarity.

Also being highlighted is the BMA 360D, the newest member of the world’s most advanced beamforming microphone array ceiling tile family. The BMA 360D offers unrivaled audio performance and native compatibility with any Dante-enabled DSP mixer. This Dante-compatible beamforming microphone array allows integrators and users to leverage ClearOne’s industry leading microphone innovations in more projects and spaces than ever before.

Dante integration in the BMA 360D enhances the array’s functionality by delivering unprocessed beam audio on individual Dante transmit channels. Additionally, a smart-mixed output is delivered on a separate Dante channel to provide the optimal mix of active inputs while enabling ClearOne’s full suite of audio enhancements, which include echo cancellation, noise cancellation, and level control.

Also, not to be missed is the powerful DIALOG® UVHF Wireless Microphone System that combines class-leading flexibility, Power over Ethernet (PoE) simplicity, Dante technology and up to 350 usable frequencies to offer professional-quality audio conferencing, video collaboration and sound reinforcement for any size room.

The DIALOG UVHF system allows integrators, room designers and meeting hosts to address a wide range of audio pickup needs through five Lavalier, Lanyard, and Headset – type body microphones, two Handheld microphones, a Boundary microphone and three Gooseneck microphones for podium use. Powering the microphones is simple and efficient, as all models use the same 12-hour off-the-shelf Li-ion battery that can be charged via USB-C or an optional eight-bay network-connected charging dock. Firmware updates can be done over the network, while the transmitters charge.

The Dante-enabled system includes an eight-channel Dante Access Point to ensure optimal signal transmission and system reliability, while an optional DIALOG UVHF Dante interface provides eight Euroblock balanced analog outputs, including mixed output, USB audio output and eight GPIOs. The lightweight plenum-rated access point provides versatile mounting options for wall, ceiling, tabletop, or pole mounting, including VESA mount holes.

Next up is the Versa® USB22D Dante® Adapter that enables users to directly connect any computer to a Dante network without first requiring software installation, the new Versa USB22D adapter can be used with any audio application for playback or capture and is thus ideal for a wide range of small to mid-sized meeting spaces including executive offices, conference rooms, classrooms and lecture halls for BYOM audio and video conferencing and in-room presentations.

The Versa USB22D adapter Supports 2×2 channels of bidirectional audio, allowing PCs and mobile devices to playout and capture audio with Dante-enabled devices over a standard IP network. Automatically discover and then natively configure the system using Audinate® Dante® Controller software. Featuring built-in support for Dante Audio over IP and AES67 RTP transport formats, the adapter also includes cables to connect to a USB C host port and a USB Type A host port. Power with the USB port on a computer or with a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch—a separate power supply is not needed.

Finally, there’s the Versa® UCS2100 Collaboration Switcher Kit that’s perfect for today’s hybrid, flexible unified communications (UC) meeting spaces. Designed for use in BYOM video and audio conferencing, as well as in-room presentations in small to mid-sized meeting rooms, board rooms, and executive offices, the Versa UCS2100 automatically detects HDMI and USB-C sources, such as a dedicated in-room PC and BYOM laptop and offers the flexibility for users to access the same set of in-room AV peripherals, such as cameras and audio devices. Its USB-C input supports up to 100 watts charging while the transmitter unit provides simultaneous 1 x HDMI output and 1 x HDBaseT output.

When combined with ClearOne UNITE® series PTZ cameras, INTERACT, CONVERGE® Pro 2, CONVERGE® HUDDLE, and CHAT series audio conferencing devices, the Versa® UCS2100 delivers a guaranteed performance and a streamlined user experience that supports automatic source detection and switching and is controllable via RS-232, CEC, or front panel buttons.

Solutions for Small Rooms, Medium Rooms, Large Rooms, BYOD, and Beyond:

In addition to spotlighting its new product introductions, ClearOne is demonstrating solutions for every application and every size meeting environment.

For small room environments, the company is demonstrating the usefulness and flexibility of its Versa Mediabar® Video Soundbar and UNITE® 60 PTZ camera. For medium sized meeting spaces, attendees can experience the BMA 360D and Versa® USB22D solutions. For larger meeting rooms environments, the company is showing its BMA 360, Versa® UCS2100, and UNITE® 260 Pro camera. For BYOD environments, there’s the BMA 360D, Versa® USB22D, and UNITE® 160 camera.

The DIALOG® UVHF and WS800 Wireless Microphone Systems will be featured in the Professional Microphone category. Network Management will call out the CONVERGENCE Cloud AV Manager, CONVERGENCE Enterprise AV Manager, and CONVERGENCE InSite Server. AV Networking will feature the VIEW® Lite Encoder EJ100, VIEW® Lite Decoder DJ100 and VIEW® Lite Controller CJ100.

“We’re excited to return to ISE to meet with our partners to learn more about what they need to succeed in the new year just now getting underway,” Graham emphasized. “We’re committed to providing partners with everything they need to grow and succeed in today’s evolving and expanding market for conferencing and collaboration solutions.”

To register for a free pass to ISE 2024, integrators can register here and use the code 9E36WUUB.

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