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DiGiCo Introduces Fourier Interface Card

New card brings VST3 software plugins to DiGiCo’s Quantum and SD-Range desks via a direct Dante connection, including on consoles without DMI card slots

Following on from the recent news that DiGiCo has acquired Fourier Audio and partnered with the brand to launch its inaugural product, the transform.engine, DiGiCo announces the introduction of a new Fourier Interface Card that will soon be retrofittable on all Quantum consoles as well as on the majority of the manufacturer’s SD-Range desks.

The new module delivers 64 channels of bidirectional audio at both 48k and 96k connections to the Fourier Audio transform.engine, which is a 2U outboard Dante-connected server designed to run VST3 software plugins in the live environment. The forthcoming Fourier Interface Card is based on Dante, thereby allowing most of DiGiCo’s consoles—even those without DMI card slots—to readily join the Dante ecosystem, and without requiring MADI on the transform.engine.

“When we first revealed the details of the transform.engine, there was a tremendous excitement amongst our customers that we’d be bringing the very best studio-grade processing tools into the world of live sound and making them solidly reliable,” says DiGiCo MD Austin Freshwater. “Now, with the introduction of the new Fourier Interface Card and its Dante connectivity, DiGiCo console users will have direct control of these plugins on their own worksurfaces, including older SD-Range desks, like our SD8, SD9 and SD10. As always, we remain committed to looking after all of our products and ensuring that our customers continue to enjoy the maximum performance possible.”

The Fourier Interface Card is currently scheduled to ship in early summer of 2024. For more details on the new product, visit

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