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IPMX Provides a Framework for Pro AV at Plexus AV

By Aaron Doughten

Why do companies like PlexusAV opt for involvement in open standards? On the surface, it seems counterintuitive. Engaging in the development of these standards requires a considerable time investment, and the resulting technologies are accessible to all—potentially leveling the competitive field. However, our experience as active participants in the AIMS community and the launch of our inaugural IPMX products offer valuable insights into why we decided to take this route, and why your company might consider joining AIMS, as well.

InfoComm 2022 marked my first foray into the captivating world of the ProAV industry. As I wandered through the tradeshow, an array of questions danced in my head. What were the ProAV industry’s popular applications? How did it differ from the broadcast sector? What challenges did the industry face that we could potentially address? The answers to these questions were elusive but provided the spark for what would become a groundbreaking journey into the realm of AV over IP.

Steven Cogels, global director of Business Development at PlexusAV and I sat in an office, brainstorming ways to bring something unique and game-changing to the AV-over-IP landscape. We noticed that while numerous solutions existed, they were primarily built on proprietary technologies, forming walled gardens with no interoperability. Some of these solutions were tailored to specific applications, leaving us pondering a critical question: Where were the standards? Where were the interoperability events and technology pavilions showcasing collaborative solutions? The industry needed a fresh approach.

Enter the AIMS Alliance with its groundbreaking concept: IPMX. This wasn’t just another green field technology project. IPMX was born from the battle-tested technologies of the broadcast production space. It aimed to create a technology ecosystem with plug-and-play user experience, designed to evolve alongside technological advancements. IPMX addressed precisely the issues that had been circling in our minds—how to contribute positively to the AV-over-IP market and bring about meaningful change.

IPMX: The Foundation of PlexusAV’s Vision

IPMX provided the framework for an ecosystem that not only embraced standards-based AV-over-IP but also welcomed proprietary solutions. With IPMX, users could harness the power of a low-latency, high-quality AV-over-IP system while leveraging the best-of-breed devices and equipment from other technologies like Dante and NDI. This approach ensured maximum flexibility for end-users and established a solid foundation for the Pro AV industry to build upon.

Fast forward to InfoComm 2023, AV-over-IP, we demonstrated the potential of IPMX to the Pro AV industry. Our presentation at the show was met with resounding enthusiasm and a collective sigh of relief from industry professionals who had long been grappling with the same problems and challenges.

The industry’s response was an emphatic “FINALLY!” as they realized how IPMX could effectively address many of their pain points. It became evident that IPMX had the potential to revolutionize the Pro AV landscape, providing the interoperability, scalability, and flexibility that had been sorely lacking.

AV Industry’s Embrace of IPMX

Our commitment to IPMX as a foundational technology has garnered widespread support. The industry recognizes that IPMX offers a path forward, one that brings standardization, interoperability, and innovation to the forefront.

As the Pro AV sector continues to evolve, open standards such as IPMX are pivotal to its growth and success. This vision and dedication have sparked a positive change, catalyzing collaboration, and progress within the industry.

Our decision to embrace IPMX was born out of a passion for solving industry challenges and a commitment to driving innovation. As we look to the future, it’s evident that IPMX has the potential to transform the ProAV landscape, offering solutions that are truly interoperable, scalable, and adaptable.

In the grand narrative of Pro AV, the industry’s resounding support for IPMX underscores the importance of open standards in shaping its future. As more players within the Pro AV sector adopt IPMX, we can anticipate a more unified, efficient, and exciting era for AV technology, one where the boundaries of what is possible are pushed ever further.

Aaron Doughten is the director of Technology and Marketing at PlexusAV

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