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Apple’s Airplay for hotels program begins rollout

New iPhone iOS 17.3 update unlocks Airplay for select hotels

Announced last June during their Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Apple’s AirPlay for hotels program has officially begun rolling out.

“AirPlay hotel support lets you stream content directly to the TV in your room in select hotels,” reads the company’s announcement.

Thanks to the new iOS 17.3 update, iPhone users can now quickly stream content from their phone to a hotel TV. This not only includes personal videos or photos stored on the phone, but also content from streaming platforms such as Hulu or Disney+. Netflix is a notable exception, and is not currently supported.

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This quick hotel connectivity is accomplished through a QR code, which is displayed on supported hotel TVs. This circumvents the normal lengthy login or connectivity routines typically required by hotels. When it was announced last year, Apple said that it had partnered with LG as well as IHG Hotel & Resorts for the AirPlay for hotels program, with more partners rolling out over time. While Apple’s announcement says that AirPlay is now available in “select hotels,” no specific hotels have been announced as of yet.


The following was originally published June 26, 2023: 

Apple announced earlier this month that they are looking to improve the hotel TV experience by introducing AirPlay for hotels, an integration initiative that will allow guests to connect their iPhone or iPad to a hotel TV with a simple scan of a QR code. This functionality will allow users to access their desired streaming services, as well as play media directly from their device. Now, LG Electronics has announced that they have partnered with Apple to be the first manufacturer to get involved with the AirPlay for hotels program. In a press release, LG states that AirPlay for hotels will be available on LG Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TVs beginning later this year.

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“This is a major advancement for in-room entertainment in the travel and hospitality industry, and underscores how closely we are listening to the needs of consumers who increasingly demand simple access to their personal media options on the biggest screen, wherever they are,” said Michael Kosla, hospitality vice president at LG Business Solutions USA. “Hotels that offer this feature will have an immediate leg up with travelers who use Apple devices, boosting guest satisfaction while providing real differentiation from local competition.”

While it’s still unknown what properties AirPlay will be available in first, LG Electronics goes on to state that AirPlay will be coming to 2023 LG Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TVs as well as “recent year’s models.”

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