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NBC Sports Next’s SportsEngine Expands Partnership with Pixellot to Offer Live AI-Automated Streaming Technology to Sports Venues at No Cost

Partnership will Further Enhance the Value Proposition of NBC Sports Next’s Newly Launched SportsEngine Play Streaming Service by Offering Venues Free State-of-the-Art AI Cameras for Livestreaming Hosted Competitions

Partnership will Further Enhance the Value Proposition of NBC Sports Next’s Newly Launched SportsEngine Play Streaming Service by Offering Venues Free State-of-the-Art AI Cameras for Livestreaming Hosted Competitions

NBC Sports Next’s SportsEngine and Pixellot today announced the next groundbreaking phase of their partnership, which will offer enhanced livestreaming opportunities for sporting venues across North America at no cost.

The new collaboration between SportsEngine, the industry leader in youth and amateur sports technology, and Pixellot, the pioneer in AI-automated sports video and data solutions, aims to transform the sports streaming experience via Pixellot’s AI-automated sports cameras and the newly launched SportsEngine Play, a first-of-its-kind subscription streaming service for capturing and viewing live and on-demand video of youth and amateur sporting events, and more.

With this unprecedented opportunity, sports venues – big and small – which number in the thousands across North America, are offered a free streaming solution with Pixellot’s AI-automated cameras, significantly reducing financial barriers and enhancing streaming capabilities for facilities of all sizes. The partnership ensures an easy, integrated setup for quick streaming and high-quality production, delivering professional and immersive coverage of every game. Additionally, venues can provide assurance to athletes and their families that they never have to miss their most important moments of competition.

SportsEngine Play not only delivers live and on-demand streaming of youth and amateur sporting events anytime, anywhere and on a variety of devices, the service offers video editing tools, so teams can capture magical game moments and athletes can create their own highlight reels to keep and share. SportsEngine Play is also building the industry’s most comprehensive collection of player development and training content, including exclusive instructional videos from more than a dozen world-class athletes, including Olympic icons Michael Phelps, Shaun White and Kerri Walsh Jennings, NFL stars Larry Fitzgerald and Justin Jefferson, tennis great Maria Sharapova, and more. In addition, the service continues to build its selection of elite amateur sports competitions, such as its recent live stream of the 2024 All-American Bowl, with more content being added to the platform every day.

“Expanding our partnership with Pixellot is a pivotal step in our mission to elevate the streaming of youth and amateur sports” said Brett MacKinnon, SVP & General Manager, Youth & Recreational Sports, NBC Sports Next. “By integrating Pixellot’s state-of-the-art camera technology with our SportsEngine Play streaming platform, we’re setting new standards in sports broadcasting, making it easier and more affordable for venues to not only share their sporting events with a wider audience but also benefit from a new revenue stream.”

With the growing demand for high-quality sports content, Pixellot’s market-leading AI-cameras offer automated live coverage of every game, capturing every angle of the court, field or ice and following the flow of play with precision. The video is seamlessly integrated with the SportsEngine Play streaming solution to provide unparalleled access to sports venue games.

Pixellot is no stranger to being a provider of large-scale production solutions. It provides AI-automated sports cameras and analytics software to more than 10,000 high schools in the United States, which represents more than 1 million games streamed across every major sport each year.

“We’re delighted to strengthen our partnership with SportsEngine, bringing revolutionary AI-automated video technology to a broader audience,” said David Shapiro, President North America, Pixellot. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to enhancing sports streaming experience at all levels, making professional-quality live broadcasts accessible to amateur and youth sports venues free of charge.”

This Pixellot automated streaming solution is already in place at leading sports venues across the country. LakePoint Sports, the premier travel and youth sports destination in the country, serves athletes in more than 30 sports year-round, including baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, and football. With an indoor Champions Center facility capable of hosting 12 basketball or 24 volleyball games simultaneously, LakePoint Sports is working toward solutions by sport and venue provided by the groundbreaking partnership to match the versatility and quality of their state-of-the-art campus and competition.

Mark M. O’Brien, President and CEO of LakePoint Sports, commented on the partnership, saying, “We are incredibly excited to embrace this partnership with SportsEngine and Pixellot and help pave the path forward in travel and youth sports. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our relentless pursuit of providing excellence in the guest experience for young athletes, coaches, scouts, and family members – on and off campus. By leveraging the cutting-edge AI technology of Pixellot and the robust platform of SportsEngine Play, we are pursuing a new standard in sports streaming, ensuring that every moment of action at the state-of-the-art LakePoint Sports venues is captured and shared with sports enthusiasts everywhere.”

Pixellot and NBC Sports Next are set to highlight this collaboration in an upcoming webinar hosted by the US Indoor Sports Association on February 20, 2024, at 2:00 pm EST. Those interested are invited to register at .


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