Playtime Program


The early years in children's lives are very crucial. What happens to a child during these early years play an important role in shaping his or her life. Children who receive the best start in life are more likely to succeed in school and to end up as productive members of society. Yet the majority of children in these rural areas are still being denied the right to reach their full potential. Unlike the urban areas where children have access to early childhood development and learning programs such programs are nonexistent in the rural areas.  Through are Playtime program we are committed to providing the best start in life to children in these rural areas.


Through our partnership with local churches and schools we offer a free playtime program which promotes early childhood development and learning through play. Our Playtime program is for kids between age three and five. The Playtime program's ultimate goal is to prepare children to successfully enter grade one and to become  successful and lifelong learners. Our playtime teachers focus on providing the children the skills to ready them for success in school. A typical day includes structured playtime, story time, games,  singing and playing with all kinds of toys including educational toys.


  • The Tekeshe Foundation works in partneship with New England Pentecostal ministries, United Church Of Christ missionaries, A Light For Zimbabwe Organization and friends of the foundation in the United States to send 40-foot  containers of much needed items to Zimbabwe. To date we have sent three containers. The containers included toys and children's books and bikes.
  • To date over 60 children are participating in our program.