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Top Ten Pro AV stories of the week

What Happened Last Week: most popular stories January 22-January 26

SVConline presents the week’s top ten Pro AV stories from our Pro AV Today newsletter. This week’s roundup includes Disney’s new HoloTile Floor, how video conference background choices affect perception, Godilla Minus One’s monochrome remaster, Victrola’s new streaming record player, Six Flags’ digital alliance, and more


January 22-January 26

1. WATCH: Hall of Fame Disney Imagineer invents “HoloTile Floor” (Derek Wiley)

2. Study finds certain video call backdrops make you appear more competent, trustworthy (Derek Wiley)

3. WATCH: Godzilla Minus One remastered in black and white for limited theatrical run

4. Victrola’s new turntable can stream to more than just Sonos speakers (Derek Wiley)

5. Six Flags partners with Google, HCL Tech, and more for industry’s first ‘digital alliance’ (Derek Wiley)

6. Samsung and Google’s answer to Dolby Atmos coming this year (Derek Wiley)

7. DisplayPort update doubles the length of supported cables (Derek Wiley)

8. L-Acoustics Launches Xi Series (via TheWire@SVConline)

9. Audio for Wellness: Sound frequency therapy through your phone (Derek Wiley)

10. Extron’s compact NAV encoder now shipping (via TheWire@SVConline)


January 15-January 19, 2024

1. WATCH: LG OLED Signature T transforms on the CES floor (Derek Wiley)

2. Asus’ new monitor is a secondary display you can fold up to take with you

3. Discontinued and unreleased Microsoft peripherals to relaunch under Incase (Derek Wiley)

4. Samsung’s Ballie is an adorable smart hub robot plus projector for the home (Derek Wiley)

5. Shure unveils Microflex Wireless neXt 2 ahead of ISE 2024 (via TheWire@SVConline)

6. C2G expands USB-C solutions family with USB-C to dual HDMI MST hub (via TheWire@SVConline)

7. Focusrite Acquires OutBoard and TiMax (via TheWire@SVConline)

8. Ross Video and NDI announce agreement for advanced adoption of NDI (via TheWire@SVConline)

9. EAW showcases latest install-focused live sound solutions (via TheWire@SVConline)

10. Lumens and Sennheiser partner for connected meetings (via TheWire@SVconline)


January 8-January 12, 2024

1. LG DukeBox houses vacuum tube audio inside a transparent OLED display (Derek Wiley)

2. WATCH: LG OLED Signature T is a transparent 4K TV for the home (Derek Wiley)

3. WATCH: Samsung debuts world’s first transparent microLED display (Derek Wiley)

4. Vizio to pay $3 million for false refresh rate claims (Derek Wiley)

5. Samsung’s Music Frame is an incognito wireless speaker (Derek Wiley)

6. LG Display will unveil industry’s first 480Hz QHD gaming OLED display at CES 2024 (via TheWire@SVConline)

7. Wi-Fi Alliance begins Wi-Fi 7 certification (Derek Wiley)

8. WATCH: Immersive, transparent OLED conferencing displays coming soon (Derek Wiley)

9. Roku announces Roku Pro Series TVs (via TheWire@SVConline)

10. Ins & Outs of Patchbays (Eric Wenocur)


January 1-January 5, 2024

1. LG’s tiny CineBeam Qube projector is being presented as a ‘stylish art object’ (Derek Wiley)

2. Vizio to pay $3 million for false refresh rate claims (Derek Wiley)

3. Designer behind Sphere to build massive, cutting-edge esports arena (Derek Wiley)

4. Next-gen luxury vehicles get upgraded AV thanks to Apple CarPlay (Derek Wiley)

5. Displace’s wireless TV line gets two new models (Derek Wiley)

6. LG Display will unveil industry’s first 480Hz QHD gaming OLED display at CES 2024 (via TheWire@SVConline)

7. WATCH: New micro-sized DAC offers hi-fi audio (Derek Wiley)

8. LG’s in-windshield transparent car antenna to debut at CES (Derek Wiley)

9. Master & Dynamic’s new headphones will use neural sensors to encourage focus (Cynthia Wisehart)

10. Roku announces Roku Pro Series TVs (via TheWire@SVConline)


December 18-December 22

1. GM is phasing out drivers’ infotainment options for safety reasons

2. Wi-Fi 7 coming Q1 2024 (Derek Wiley)

3. Amusement park designed by some of the world’s greatest artists reopens after 36 years in Los Angeles (Derek Wiley)

4. Design firm ICRAVE reveals new details about the Sphere’s interior (Derek Wiley)

5. Apple makes its official diagnostic tool available to everyone online (Derek Wiley)

6. Aurora Launches New 2×2 Ceiling Tile Speaker (via TheWire@SVConline)

7. Displace’s wireless TV line gets two new models (Derek Wiley)

8. JVC over-the-counter FDA-cleared self-fitting hearing aids now available (via TheWire@SVConline)

9. Samsung Display begins mass production of 32″ 4K QD-OLED panels, availability coming 2024 (Derek Wiley)

10. NETGEAR introduces cloud manageable smart switch series designed for 10 gig connectivity (via TheWire@SVConline)


December 11-December 15

1. RØDE Microphones acquires Mackie (via TheWire@SVConline)

2. Yamaha launches rack mountable five-disk CD player (Derek Wiley)

3. AVI-SPL continues international expansion (via TheWire@SVConline)

4. Nearly 30 years after his death, a new bedtime story read by Jimmy Stewart is created (Derek Wiley)

5. GM is phasing out drivers’ infotainment options for safety reasons

6. Researchers’ breakthrough could lead to cheaper OLED production (Derek Wiley)

7. Google Gemini AI model scrutinized as demo video revealed to be “faked” (Derek Wiley)

8. BOE opening China’s first massive 8.6G OLED production facility (Derek Wiley)

9. IBM and Meta launch AI Alliance with over 50 global members (Derek Wiley)

10. Your Ford F-150 Lightning could soon be powering your AC (Derek Wiley)


December 4-December 8

1. Roland introduces its “super instrument,” the GALAXIAS (Derek Wiley)

2. WATCH: 154 dancers become ‘human pixels’ in a giant display (Derek Wiley)

3. Samsung and Google have been working on a rival to Dolby Atmos (Derek Wiley)

4. WATCH: Kiss finishes farewell tour, reveals new life as digital avatars (Derek Wiley)

5. ACT Entertainment acquires tvONE (via TheWire@SVConline)

6. Neurophysiological study concludes that ‘Zoom fatigue’ is real (Derek Wiley)

7. LG and Odeon create world’s first all-LED cinema with Dolby Atmos (Derek Wiley)

8. Lenovo issues recall of laptop power banks due to fire hazard (Derek Wiley)

9. Meyer Sound announces additions to key customer-facing roles (via TheWire@SVConline)

10. Zoom now available on Apple TV 4K (Derek Wiley)


November 27-December 1

1. Kodak’s Super 8 film camera goes into production (Cynthia Wisehart)

2. WATCH: 154 dancers become ‘human pixels’ in a giant display (Derek Wiley)

3. Solid-state micro-speakers developed to replace legacy coil drivers (Derek Wiley)

4. Audinate marks new era with refreshed brand identity that repositions Dante as a complete AV-over-IP platform

5. AOIN uses Sony’s Spatial Reality Display to visualize virtual production at the Hollywood Bowl (Derek Wiley)

6. Nolan continues to be particular about the medium of film, even on home release (Derek Wiley)

7. Clair Global spins off Cohesion as stand-alone installation brand (via TheWire@SVConline)

8. Microsoft will tidy up your room with AI (Derek Wiley)

9. Audinate hosting free Dante Certification training webinars (via TheWire@SVConline)

10. Lenovo issues recall of laptop power banks due to fire hazard (Derek Wiley)


November 20-November 24

1. L-Acoustics Hosts Destruction Event of Fake Professional Speaker Systems to Safeguard the Live Event Industry (via TheWire@SVConline)

2. WATCH: Formula 1 takes over the Sphere for Las Vegas Grand Prix (Derek Wiley)

3. “Fat finger” causes days-long outage of cars’ main instrument display, infotainment system (Derek Wiley)

4. Samsung lights up the Formula 1 HEINEKEN SILVER LAS VEGAS GRAND PRIX with the world’s first 481-Foot F1 logo rooftop LED display (SVC Online Editor)

5. Reconciling HDCP with AV-over-IP Open Standards (Rob Moodey)

6. Q-SYS Expands Network I/O Peripherals (via TheWire@SVConline)

7. Amazon’s Astro for Business wants to be your company’s tiny security guard (Derek Wiley)

8. C2G debuts USB-C 10-in-1 Triple Display Docking Station (via TheWire@SVConline)

9. Prism Sound Looks to Beat Counterfeiters (SVC Online Editor)

10. Sonos fixes years-long Arc soundbar popping issue (Derek Wiley)


November 13-November 17

1. CT scans put Apple devices up against their counterfeits (Derek Wiley)

2. WATCH: MacBook Pro M3 teardown (Derek Wiley)

3. Opal launches tiny Tadpole webcam for laptops (via TheWire@SVConline)

4. Los Angeles eyes its very own mini-sphere (Derek Wiley)

5. WATCH: ‘Semantic hearing’ could be the future of intelligent personal audio (Derek Wiley)

6. Q-SYS launches zero-bezel models of AcousticDesign Series Loudspeakers (via TheWire@SVConline)

7. Building 140 Wireless Mic ‘Flight Pack Kits’ (via TheWire@SVConline)

8. Reminder: Google to delete inactive Gmail accounts December 1 (Derek Wiley)

9. The Neutrik Group introduces the silentPLUG STARDUST Edition (via TheWire@SVConline)

10. SolidDrive rear-install drywall bracket now available (via TheWire@SVConline)


November 6-November 10

1. Attendees of NFT festival report severe eye burns from improper stage lighting (Derek Wiley)

2.WATCH: Changi Airport Terminal 2 reopens with 46-foot digital waterfall (Derek Wiley)

3. WeWork at the cusp of bankruptcy (Derek Wiley)

4. Six Flags and rival Cedar Fair announce merger (Derek Wiley)

5. Los Angeles eyes its very own mini-sphere (Derek Wiley)

6. Why OLED monitor burn-in isn’t a huge problem anymore (Scharon Harding)

7. NETGEAR Launches the GS108X unmanaged switch (via TheWire@SVConline)

8. Aurora announces RXS-2, a PC designed for the AV industry (via TheWire@SVConline)

9. Building 140 Wireless Mic ‘Flight Pack Kits’ (via TheWire@SVConline)

10. Microsoft rolls out rebuilt Teams web client (Derek Wiley)


October 30-November 3

1. Extron issues supply chain and inventory statement (via TheWire@SVConline)

2. Fox Sports to use three-drone fleet to help cover World Series (Derek Wiley)

3. Cisco expands NVIDIA partnership with AI-powered Room Kit EQX (Derek Wiley)

4. This 18-year-old built a better computer monitor that doesn’t strain your eyes (Nate Berg)

5. New transparent turntable debuts (SVC Online Editor)

6. Meyer Sound announces new hires for key management positions (via TheWire@SVConline)

7. Xreal’s AR glasses float a 330-inch screen before your eyes (Derek Wiley)

8. Cisco partners with Bang & Olufsen for Webex-optimized earbuds (Derek Wiley)

9. Microsoft adds “private line” feature to Teams to protect sensitive info (Derek Wiley)

10. NETGEAR Launches the GS108X unmanaged switch (via TheWire@SVConline)


October 23-October 27

1. CT scans of USB-C cables reveals the difference an extra $120 makes (Derek Wiley)

2. WATCH: Adobe’s dress is a wearable digital display (Derek Wiley)

3. WATCH: 3,000 square foot curved video wall at Kennedy Space Center (Derek Wiley)

4. Florida asks judge to dismiss Disney’s counterclaim over park land (Derek Wiley)

5. This 18-year-old built a better computer monitor that doesn’t strain your eyes (Nate Berg)

6. JBL Professional introduces IRX ONE all-in-one column PA (via TheWire@SVConline)

7. Extron introduces new USB-C Pro AV Dock for unified communications spaces (via TheWire@SVConline)

8. Xreal’s AR glasses float a 330-inch screen before your eyes (Derek Wiley)

9. Meyer Sound introduces the NADIA Integrated Digital Audio Platform for constellation acoustic system installations (via TheWire@SVConline)

10. ClearOne launches new Versa USB22D Dante Adapter (via TheWire@SVConline)


October 16-October 20

1. California passes right-to-repair law (Derek Wiley)

2. Judge throws out Sonos’ $32.5 million win against Google (Derek Wiley)

3. You can now watch U2’s debut performance at the Sphere online (Derek Wiley)

4. WATCH: Disney’s new Star Wars droids surprise park goers (Derek Wiley)

5. WATCH: Meta Quest 3 teardown (Derek Wiley)

6. LG Display co-develops key OLED ingredient, breaking free of Samsung’s stranglehold (Derek Wiley)

7. Google announces copyright protection for its generative AI users (Derek Wiley)

8. Sphere Entertainment partners with Powersoft for Sphere immersive sound and haptic seating (via TheWire@SVConline)

9. Acer’s upcoming monitor promises 3D visuals and immersive audio with no glasses or headphones (Derek Wiley)

10. Kordz demystifies HDMI cable versions in newly released article (via TheWire@SVConline)


October 9-October 13

1. Judge throws out Sonos’ $32.5 million win against Google (Derek Wiley)

2. You can now watch U2’s debut performance at the Sphere online (Derek Wiley)

October 2-October 6

1. WATCH: Las Vegas Sphere flexes its capabilities with inaugural U2 performance (Derek Wiley)

2. WATCH: Bizarre Mutalk speech-obscuring wearable releases in the US (Derek Wiley)

September 25-September 29

1.L-Acoustics wins historic $5mil judgment against Tampa-based rental company for trademark infringement, counterfeiting and unfair competition (via TheWire@SVConline)

2. Bose unveils new flagship Smart Ultra Soundbar (Derek Wiley)

September 18-September 22

1. Wild bear forces temporary shutdown at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom (Derek Wiley)

2. Intel introduces Thunderbolt 5, tripling top speeds of Thunderbolt 4 (Derek Wiley)

September 11-September 15

1. WATCH: Leatherman’s Adapt Kit is a case with a built-in tray for small repairs (Derek Wiley)

2. Luxury@CEDIA 2023: LG MAGNIT 118-Inch 4K Ultra HD Display Expands Micro LED Home Theater Market (via TheWire@SVConline)

September 4-September 8

1. A 2006 NASA surveillance van packed with cameras can be yours for $27,000 (Derek Wiley)

2. TCL demos 115-inch miniLED TV, aiming to replace projectors (Derek Wiley)

August 28-September 1

1. Bad actors cause Dropbox to drop their “as much space as you need” policy (Derek Wiley)

2. WATCH: App connects to AR glasses to provide real-life subtitles to the hearing impaired (Derek Wiley)

August 21-August 25

1. Western Digital hit with multiple lawsuits alleging their SSDs randomly wipe users’ data (Derek Wiley)

2. LG’s StanbyME Go TV-in-a-suitcase is coming to the US (Derek Wiley)

August 14-August 18

1. Verizon is shutting down BlueJeans (Derek Wiley)

2. Freddie Mercury’s home recording gear goes to auction (Derek Wiley)

August 7-August 11

1. Verizon is shutting down BlueJeans (Derek Wiley)

2. Skyscraper-sized Barbie steps out of a billboard (Derek Wiley)

July 31-August 4

1. Mini’s next-gen vehicles get AV makeover, large circular OLED screen (Derek Wiley)

2. Hologram Zoo brings visitors up close and personal in Australia (Derek Wiley)

July 24-July 28

1. Oklahoma to be home to a $2 billion theme park, designed by over 20 former Disney builders and Imagineers (Derek Wiley)

2. IMAX films still run on a surprising piece of vintage tech (Derek Wiley)

July 17-July 21

1. Sphere Studios develops 120fps/18K camera system for Las Vegas Sphere

2. WATCH: Machine repairs OLED screens with lasers–all while they’re still on

July 10-July 14

1. WATCH: $2.3 billion Las Vegas Sphere lights up for the first time (Derek Wiley)

2. WATCH: Large crack forces roller coaster’s shutdown for inspection and repair

July 3-July 7

1. Apple will reportedly launch a display that transforms when your Mac powers down (Derek Wiley)

2. Google cancels AR hardware production, according to report (Derek Wiley)

June 26-June 30

1. ‘Elemental’ is the first Pixar film to be shown in 4K HDR, exclusively on Samsung Onyx screens (Derek Wiley)

2. Seattle company Throwboy makes comfort items with a retro Macintosh flair

June 19-June 23

1. David Pogue talks about his experience on the Titan submersible (Cynthia Wisehart)

2. WATCH: Disney Parks reveals walking, talking, dancing Baby Groot robot (Derek Wiley)

June 5-June 9

1. Only 30 theaters worldwide equipped for Christopher Nolan’s vision for ‘Oppenheimer’ (Derek Wiley)

2. Apple unveils the Apple Vision Pro

May 29-June 2

1. WATCH: 8K TV folds into coffee table (Derek Wiley)

2. Sightful’s AR laptop comes with a 100 inch virtual screen (Derek Wiley)

May 22-May 26

1. Star Wars Hotel Galactic Starcruiser will shut down in September just 17 months after opening

2. AJA Executive Bryce Button Has Died

May 15-May 19

1. Scientists create world’s first edible battery
Researchers at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) have created the world’s first edible battery. That is to say, they have developed a fully-rechargeable battery composed of 100% nontoxic components.

2. Google announces they will begin deleting inactive accounts
Users have until December to remember their old login information.

May 8- May 12

1. Logitech’s Project Ghost: first impressions (Derek Wiley)

2. Researchers bring us one step closer to sharper, more realistic holograms (Derek Wiley)

May 1- May 5

1. WATCH: Researchers create OLED touchscreen that inflates with fluid to form buttons (Derek Wiley)

2. WATCH: Pet parrots benefit from video calling each other, study shows (Derek Wiley)

April 24- April 28

1. 45 foot dragon catches fire at Disneyland (Derek Wiley)

2. Blackmagic Design Announces Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K OLPF (via TheWire@SVConline)

April 17-April 21

1. Samsung and LG resume negotiations over OLED panels (Derek Wiley)

2. The DJI Inspire 3 Drone Gives Professionals The Power To Film In 8K (Derek Wiley)

April 10-April 14

1. Yamaha Pro Audio launches ultra-compact DM3 Series (Clive Young)

2. Disney and Florida’s government continue to spar (Derek Wiley)

April 3-April 7

1. Google Drive springs maximum file limit on customers without saying a word (Derek Wiley)

2. QSC Introduces L Class Intelligent Active Loudspeakers (via TheWire@SVConline)

March 27-March 31

1. Use your head: Traditional hard hats versus safety helmets

2. LG RE’ST is a concept speaker/projector combo in the form of a window shade (Derek Wiley)

March 20-March 24

1. Man sentenced to three years in prison for illegally streaming major league sports (Derek Wiley)

2. WATCH: Disney’s new robot rollerblades and somersaults on its own (Derek Wiley)

March 13- March 17

1. Disney lightsaber is real and how the patent works (SVC Online Editor)

2. Apple, Atari, and Commodore, oh my! Explore a deluxe home vintage computer den (Benj Edwards)

March 6-March 10

1. LG trash talks Samsung for OLED burn-in issues (Jeremy Laird)

2. Integrating NDI: Skillset (Eric Wenocur)

February 27-March 3

1. Pro-Ject releases two premium vinyl record cleaning machines (Derek Wiley)

2. Blackmagic Design announces new ATEM Television Studio HD8 (via TheWire@SVConline)

February 20-24

1. General Motors patents self-cleaning touchscreen technology (Derek Wiley)

2. The first pictures of Sonos’ new Era line, as well as new details (Derek Wiley)

February 13-17

1. LG’s Miraclass line of LED screens takes aim at the movie theater market (Derek Wiley)

2. Microsoft will forcibly remove Internet Explorer from most Windows 10 PCs today (Andrew Cunningham)

January 30-Feb 3

1. WATCH: Wireless earbuds that provide real time translation of 37 languages (Derek Wiley)

2. Ring Always Home Cam demoed at CES, release date delayed (Cynthia Wisehart)

January 23-27

1. FAA’s grounding of all U.S. flights points to vastly outdated technology (Derek Wiley)

2. Disney’s iconic Splash Mountain is gone forever (Derek Wiley)

January 16-20

1. HDMI Alt Mode is no more (Derek Wiley)

2. LG debuts massive M3 display utilizing wireless technology and third generation OLED panels (Derek Wiley)

January 9-13

1.  CES absurdity: The $3,000 totally wireless Displace TV falls off the wall if the batteries run out (Chris Welch)

2. LG shows off see-through OLED TV at CES (Derek Wiley)

January 2-5, 2023

1. Avatar: The Way of Water broke movie projectors across Japan

2. AVI-SPL acquires Adtech Systems

December 19-23

1. Universal Theme Park creative division gutted after exit of high-ranking execs (Exclusive) (Drew Taylor)

2. L-Acoustics Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force update: counterfeiters sentenced to prison

December 12-16

1. ClearOne and Shure jointly announce settlement of all pending disputes

2. 14 must-have items from Twitter’s office supply fire sale

December 5-9

1. Axl Rose has thrown his last mic

2. WATCH: Disney researchers create facial age altering program powered by machine learning

November 25- December 2

1. MIT breakthrough could pave the way to smaller, safer batteries

2. Works with Sonos: Victrola Stream Carbon Review Roundup

November 14-18

1. KNIPEX Tools Releases Limited-Edition Christmas Ornament

2. Did Elon Musk just kill hybrid work?

November 7-11, 2022

1. FBI issues official alert on counterfeit batteries

2. Review: TinySA RF spectrum analyzer (Eric Wenocur)

October 31-November 4, 2022

1. Disney Traps Visitors Inside Shanghai Park After Halloween Covid Scare

2. Why Egypt became one of the biggest chokepoints for Internet cables

October 24-28, 2022

1. New technology can transmit the world’s internet traffic in one second

2. Intel demos the next generation of Thunderbolt, tripling speeds

October 17-21, 2022

1. Q-SYS’ answer to supply chain issues for the control space?(Cindy Davis)

2. Google expands testing for immersive video call system, Project Starline (Derek Wiley)

October 10-14, 2022

1. Microsoft Audio Dock debuts (Cynthia Wisehart)

2. Shure announces the UniPlex cardiod lavalier mic for isolated speech

October 3-7, 2022

1. EU’s USB-C mandate approval puts pressure on Apple to replace Lightning port (Scharon Harding)

2. E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio energizes the atmosphere at Decades in the District of Columbia (via TheWire@SVConline)

September 26-30, 2022

1. AtlasIED names Kim Porter Director of Mechanical Engineering to advance product development (via TheWire@SVConline)

2. Exclusive: Epiphan Connect Pre-launch Interview

September 19-23, 2022

1. When batteries go bad (Cynthia Wisehart)

2. Mouthpiece microphone Mutalk will hide your speech from those around you (Derek Wiley)

September 12-16, 2022

1. Aurora v. Crestron (SVC Online Editor)

2. Northeastern University VR lab rattled by pressurized explosive device (Cynthia Wisehart)

September 5th-9, 2022

#1 this week: New CLIR study explores audio tape’s longevity (via TheWire@SVConline)

#2 Researchers use infrared light to wirelessly beam power 100 feet (Derek Wiley)

August 29-September 2, 2022

1. LG Display/Corsair unveils bendable gaming monitor (Derek Wiley)

2. Mark Zuckerberg reveals launch window for new VR headset (Derek Wiley)

August 22-26, 2022

1. Exclusive: Sonos’ next flagship speaker Optimo 2 will play sound in nearly all directions (Chris Welch)

2. Meet the TriCaster Mini X: The new desktop TriCaster (via TheWire@SVConline)

August 15-19, 2022

1. The line between headphones and hearing aids is about to get way blurrier (Nicole Wetsman)

2. Samsung launches Odyssey Ark monitor (Cynthia Wisehart)

August 8-12, 2022

1. Lumina embeds a 24-inch OLED monitor into the surface of a sit/stand desk (Cynthia Wisehart)

2. New York City’s Javits Center expands with huge addition featuring AV integration by Metinteractive (via TheWire@SVConline)

August 1-5, 2022

1. Plugable USBC-VAMETER version 3 is a 240W voltage and amperage meter (Cynthia Wisehart)

2. Marshall debuts its first 4K60 digital ePTZ Camera at 2022 IBC Show (via TheWire@SVConline)

3. David Angress to lead QSC Pro Audio Division (via TheWire@SVConline)

July 25-29, 2022

1. WATCH: Earthgrid looks to dig a cable network beneath the USA using new tech (Derek Wiley)

2. Snap Pixy flying camera review roundup (Cynthia Wisehart)

July 18-22, 2022

1. WATCH: This is a gigantic sculptural folding screen (Cynthia Wisehart)

2. Historic Control Room A of Battersea Power Station restored (Derek Wiley)

July 11-15, 2022

1. OPPO Air Glass gets a first look review (Cynthia Wisehart)

2. I tested Samsung’s Next-Gen OLED TV, and it highlights current OLED’s big problem (John Archer)

July 4-8, 2022

1. WATCH: Mojo Lens is a Micro LED contact lens that you control with your eyes (Cynthia Wisehart)

2. FCC lets Starlink offer Internet service on moving vehicles throughout US (Jon Brodkin)

June 27-July 1, 2022

1. Cabless autonomous electric truck approved for US public roads (Paul Ridden)

2. WATCH: Transparent shower door video screen (Cynthia Wisehart)

June 20-24, 2022
1. KNIPEX Tools introduces the smallest pliers wrench in the world (via TheWire@SVConline)

2. Half the internet died while you were sleeping. Here’s what happened. (Amanda Yeo)

June 13-17, 2022
1. Official InfoComm 2022 Numbers Released (Cindy Davis)
From June 8-10, thousands of Pro AV folks filled the North and West Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center to attend InfoComm 2022. The official numbers have been released.

2. Here’s what happens when Sonos won’t stop sending you speakers (Emma Roth)

June 6-10, 2022

1. Shure prevails in latest patent case filed by ClearOne (via TheWire@SVConline)

2. Q1 2022: AV/IT industry acquisitions, restructuring, partnerships and rebranding – more than 20! (Cindy Davis)

May 30-June 3, 2022

1. Samsung Display to close LCD business (Cynthia Wisehart)
Samsung Display will be ceasing its production of LCD panels, focusing instead on OLED and quantum dot going forward.

2. As hot desking gets hotter, Crestron adds Crestron Flex Phones for Microsoft Teams Displays (via TheWire@SVConline)

May 23-27, 2022

1. Sennheiser and Shure lose battle for vacant UHF channel (Paul McLane, Radio World)
The FCC has refused a request from Sennheiser and Shure to preserve a vacant channel in the TV bands for wireless mic use.

2. The full saga of Apple’s troubled mixed reality headset has been revealed (Samuel Axon, Ars Technica)

May 16-20, 2022

1. Apple’s hidden setting instantly makes your video and audio calls sound better (David Pierce, The Verge )
Today, I learned that there’s a newish feature buried in the Control Center that instantly improves the quality of your microphone during calls, whether you’re audio-only or on video.

2. WATCH: Ford F-150 Lightning Pro for work (SVC Online Editor)


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