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RoseWater Energy Selects KMB Communications as Agency of Record for PR, Content Creation, Marketing and Brand Strategy

Full-service communications agency will help RoseWater Energy drive greater awareness and adoption of its innovative energy management solutions by systems integrators, design-build professionals, and homeowners.

PLANTATION, FL – January 25, 2024 – RoseWater Energy, a leader in advanced power conditioning, energy management and storage systems for luxury homes, proudly announces the appointment of KMB Communications as its marketing and public relations agency of record. Per the arrangement, KMB Communications will draw from its vast communications experience, deep understanding of the systems integration market and strong strategic alliances to bring greater awareness to and adoption of RoseWater Energy‘s innovative energy management solutions by executing a full suite of brand messaging, go-to market strategies and creative, effective media engagement, and effective digital and social media marketing programs. 

“KMB Communications provides everything we need to enhance our brand, strengthen our presence, and deepen our engagement with the systems integration and design-build communities, while educating stakeholders of the many benefits derived by establishing and executing a comprehensive power plan for luxury smart homes,” says Joe Piccirilli, CEO and managing director of RoseWater. “A one-stop communications resource, the KMB team can help us develop and deliver clear, concise, impactful messaging to our target audiences through various forms of outreach, including public relations, digital marketing, custom content, and podcasting. We look forward to our partnership with the team at KMB Communications to expose more of the integration and design-build communities to the growing need for and revenue potential of our innovative energy management solutions.”  

Given the range of power-related issues plaguing the performance, comfort, and efficiency of homes nationwide, energy management and storage has become an increasingly important component that integrators offer to their customers. 

“Our objective at KMB Communications is to accelerate awareness of the need for energy management, and present RoseWater Energy products as best-in-class solutions,” says Katye McGregor Bennett, CEO of KMB Communications. “Backed by experienced, knowledgeable leadership, the systems and technology provided by RoseWater Energy enhance the home environment, integrate well with other subsystems, and promise great revenue potential to integrators eager to capitalize on an emerging product category. RoseWater Energy is a leader in the burgeoning home energy management category, is committed to excellence and pushing the technological envelope with exciting features and capabilities. They have a true passion for a category that is largely overlooked yet makes a real difference to both integrators and end-users. That RoseWater and our other brands in the power management category play well together and are often integrated in the same projects makes this even more exciting. At our core and in our hearts, we are storytellers, and the story to be told about the combined power & energy management category potential is very compelling!”  

RoseWater is participating in the upcoming Lightapalooza event being held February 27-29, 2024, and the KMB team will be there to support their efforts during scheduled panel sessions, talks, and exhibits. If you would like to book time to discuss RoseWater, please send an email to [email protected]

To learn more about RoseWater Energy or the burgeoning power & energy management category, visit

About RoseWater Energy

RoseWater Energy understands that Power is the Foundation® for any smart home. The company designs and manufactures a complete solution providing both power conditioning and consistent energy, as well as surge and lightning protection for the main power source, solar input, and battery backup, along with analytics and remote monitoring in a redundant industrial-grade system made for large, high-end residences and commercial environments. 


Committed to building Simply the Best® energy management system on the market, RoseWater Energy Hubs work 24/7 and are always providing clean power in any situation – including during normal grid operation as well as grid spikes, surges, brownouts, or power outages. RoseWater Hubs are built with full power conditioning functionality and zero-transfer-times between power sources. These unique features enable technology integration professionals to reduce or eliminate a plethora of unnecessary and expensive client service calls due to power issues and instead, provide peace of mind. White-glove support ensures a successful outcome. RoseWater will work with authorized integration firms to help design, build, integrate, and manage a custom Power Plan™ specific to the needs of each project. For more details visit


Download images here: RoseWater Images for PR

RoseWater Energy Media Contact

For interviews, reviews, and more information please contact Katye McGregor Bennett of KMB Communications at (425) 328-8640 or [email protected].

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