Our Success Stories


Youth Cares Program : In Their Own Words...

My name is Archford Dhiwayo and was born on the 19th of March 1991 in Chipinge, Zimbabww. Since my birth I am residing in Rimbi. Both my father and my mother passed away when I was very young. I have had an opportunity to do my primary and secondary education through the help given by Tekeshe Foundation. I have since completed my advanced level and awaiting results. I have confidence that I will get enough points to enroll at one of the Universities in Zimbabwe. My involvement with Tekeshe Foundation has opened my world. I have travelled in the company of other young people as Scouts. Should I get an opportunity I am so keen to improve the lives of other young people of my age who have failed to make it in life because of their disadvantaged background. Tekeshe Foundation has taught me to have a heart and a mind for changing the lives of the young people beyond my horizon. I am a member of the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe. I am a talented soccer player who has been a regular of the first team since my form two in 2006.

My name is Blessing Chianga and I was born on the 8th  August 1992. I am staying in Chipinge Zimbabwe. My father and mother divorced due to irreconcilable family differences. Due to these challenges my mother remarried and took I with her but cannot afford to meet the responsibility. I have since been given a scholarship by Tekeshe Foundation. Tekeshe Foundation has improved my understanding of life by incorporating me into the Scouts family where I have had the opportunity to travel widely in Zimbabwe. As a team of Scouts, we wash clothes and sweep yards for the aged people in our local areas. I want to be able to get an opportunity to understand how the young women in other countries manage their lives, especially from the United States. I am currently doing my ordinary level at Rimbi High School where I am doing everything to pass so that I improve my life.

My name is Hazvinei Vhayeya and was born on the 2nd of December 1989. Both my father and mother passed away leaving me in the custodian of my Aunt(My father’s sister). Life has been very difficult for me, until I was rescued by Tekeshe Foundation which pays my school fees as well as my clothing. I have just completed my form four level and awaiting results. As a young woman, I have witnessed the challenges that some of the young girls experience i.e. early marriages and dropping school due to parents’ choice for the male child. I am a member of the United Methodist Church. The Tekeshe Foundation is teaching me sewing, where we have been given assignments to sew school uniforms for ourselves and other garments for members of the community. I have a passion to change the lives of other young persons, especially girls in my country and beyond.

My name is Pamela Mathambo and I was born on the 4th of  April 1994. My father passed away and my positive mother is taking care of me and my brother. The family burden has been shouldered by Tekeshe foundation. In addition to my involvement with the Rimbi Scouts, I am part of the Gardening team that has made great impact by growing vegetables that is feeding Rimbi community. I am doing my Form Four at Rimbi High School. I am willing to share my experiences with other young women in the world, so as to change other hopeless and disadvantaged children of positive couples. I am a member of the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe. I am a member of the Tekeshe Netball team.

My name is Tawanda Mutema and was born on the 2nd of February 1995.My father died when I was very young leaving my mother who is taking care of the family..I am a member of the Rimbi D.O.B:02-02-95Scouts who have been privileged to travel widely and mixing with other young people in Zimbabwe. My dream now is to get an opportunity to travel out of the country, especially to the United States to mix with young persons of my age. I am currently doing my form four at Rimbi High School where I am a regular in the Volleyball first team.

My name is Liberty Muchezana and I was born on the 23rd of November 1994.My mother passed away, so I am left with father. I am doing my form four studies at Rimbi High School. I am a member of the Rimbi Scouts who have made serious impact in the Rimbi Community. The gardening we are running has given us an opportunity to contribute positively in shaping the lives of young people and those living with AIDS positively. I have a dream to join young people throughout the world who are world changers. I am a member of the Rimbi High School Football team.

My name is Sibusisiwe Ncube and was born on the 10th of October 1995.I am currently studying form 2 at Rimbi High School. My parents are late as a result AIDS leaving me in the custody of my brother. Tekeshe Foundation has helped me to accept my situation as not being different from others who are negative. I have benefitted so much from the interventions on my school fees and health. I have grown strong and with the determination to help those young people who are affected and living positively, that the sky is the limit. I am prepared to go wide advocating and helping the young people to change their sexual behavior. If given a permissive environment I am ready to play my part to change the world, so that it becomes a better place.

My name is Sharon Mavhela and was born on the 19 th of October 1986. I am currently doing my form 2 at Rimbi High School. I am a member of the Rimbi Scouts. With the scouts we do gardening, community service of helping the old age with their washing and household chores. My dream is to be afforded an opportunity to understand what other young people are doing in other countries, especially in the United States. I am a Christian of the Apostolic Faith Mission Church. I sing in the school and church choir and loves music so much that I would like to develop this talent beyond.

My name is Praise Mayahle and was born on the 15th of June 1992. I am currently doing my upper sixth at Rimbi High School. Both my parents are still around making efforts to cater to my welfare. I am a Christian who is a position holder within the youth of the United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe. My involvement with the Scouts has opened me to other experiences of the young people in Zimbabwe. The scouts have given me a sense of belonging and usefulness to my local community. We do community service to help wash and clean homes of those suffering from HIV and AIDS. We have also taken up voluntary work to fill up dongas to fight soil erosion. The community has shown so much appreciation for this service we are rendering to our community. I have a dream of seeing the young people taking up responsibilities to upgrade their community development. I enjoy reading and watching Television.

My name is Tarisai Machoba and was born on the 10th of March 1994. My father has since passed away and my mother is the one who has been left behind. I want to thank the Tekeshe Foundation for taking care of my school fees and clothing. I have been a beneficiary of their education and food programme.I am currently doing my form four studies at Rimbi High School. I am part of the Tekeshe Rimbi Scouts. I have been exposed to the life of other young people in Zimbabwe through my involvement with the scouts.

My name is Esther Sigauke and was born on the 26th of June 1995.My parents have divorced and I am staying with my father who is taking the responsibility of my welfare. As a young woman I have experienced a lot of challenges due to the cultural position that women are expected to serve. Some of the disadvantages are early marriages and forced drop outs at school. I want to thank Tekeshe Foundation for the opportunity to discover myself. I am ready to challenge other young people, particularly the young women to discover their potential to change the world positively.