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This eye-popping transparent speaker system costs $133,000

Eye-catching system can be yours--for a steep price

It’s been twenty years since British audio company Ferguson Hill released their first transparent loudspeaker. The two decades since has produced a share of breakthroughs in audio and design that have been put to use in the company’s newest release, the Jetstream loudspeaker system.

The centerpiece of the system is a pair of 5.4-foot transparent standing horn speakers created from acrylic measuring 8-mm thick. According to Ferguson Hill, the acrylic horns help create an unparalleled listening experience. Each horn features a semi-full-range driver created in partnership with Cube Audio out of Poland. The structure of each horn, including its stainless steel legs, feature vibration dampening structures to get rid of any undesired frequencies.

The Jetstream also features a pair of bass speakers packed with 1.8-in-diameter high-efficiency neodymium drivers, as well as a bass amp housing two 200-W Class D amps and a low-pass filter.

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The Jetstream loudspeaker system goes for an eye-watering $133,500, though individual components can be bought separately, with a pair of horn speakers coming in around $92,820, the pair of bass speakers at about $28,366, and the bass amp at $12,659.

The following is  full spec list of the Jetstream system from Ferguson Hill:

Horn Speaker Specifications.

  • Height 1.65m
  • Width 0.92m
  • Depth 0.72m
  • Drive unit: Custom full range drive unit, developed with Cube Audio, Neodymium motor.
  • Sensitivity 1M/1KHz/1 watt 100db
  • Nominal impedance 8 ohm
  • Weight 32 Kg each with damping fill

Bass Speaker Specifications.

  • Dimension-600mm diameter sphere
  • Drive unit-300mm diameter/high efficiency
  • Internal volume-150 litres
  • Internal wiring-high purity silver/PTFE sleeve
  • Nominal impedance-4 ohms

Bass Amplifier Specifications.

  • Dimensions 47 x 37 x 11cm.
  • Amplifier 2 x 200W, Class D.
  • Internal 140Hz low pass filter.
  • Anodised Aluminium block construction.

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