Youth Leadership and Development Initiative : Youth Cares Program



Young people have the power to change the world if they are given enough support. Our vision is to encourage young people to develop a strong sense of civic and social responsibility.


While education is at the heart of The Tekeshe Foundation we are also committed to the social development of young people.  We believe that young people need more than academics, they also need to be taught life's lessons which are not taught at a desk in the classroom. Young people need to be taught to have good moral values, they should be taught to be honest, kind, to respect their elders and to work hard.  Yet due to the deaths of many adults young people in these rural areas have no parental guidance and there is no one to teach them good moral values. Through our Youth Cares program we teach the youth life skills and offer them opportunities for leadership and development.   We envision this initiative producing well-balanced young people who are empowered to utilize their acquired skills to transform their communities and resolve global issues. 


*       Provide youth with opportunities for leadership and personal development

*       Educate and inform the youth on global issues

*       Encourage youth participation in global issues

*       Identify and build sustainable partnerships aimed at youth development

*       Provide young people with tools and resources for effective action

Our Approach

Through our Youth Cares program we work in collaboration with other youth programs ranging from Scouting progam and Youth Ventures to church youth programs to educate and actively engage the youth in a variety of activities that develop the life skills necessary to promote a strong sense of leadership and community awareness.  Our philosophy is that through inspiring and engaging youth in learning partnerships, they will be inspired to get involved and take action to improve their local communities and change the world.  This initiative supports youth action, creates the platform for youth to translate what they have learnt or desire to do into action while at the same time involving youth in decision making in key developmental and global issues.  Our main objective is to do something that will show the world that young people care about their communities and they have the power to change the world if they are given enough support.  





To accomplish our vision we have formed a partnership with Youth Ventures  and Scouting programs  These are organizations which share our mission and vision. 

Local Initiatives

Through our partnership with Youth Ventures we aim to accomplish the following:

*       Provide youth with opportunities for community service, leadership, civic education, volunteerism, public speaking, service learning etc.

*       Help youth through the process of designing and launching ventures, providing guidance, how-to’s, and a process for designing and pitching a venture idea.

*       Provide Guidance, tools, support and seed funding of up to $1,000 as incentive to youth entrepreneurs

*       Provide youth the opportunity to learn the fun of planting, growing, and eating healthy, fresh food.


Global Initiatives

We will involve the youth in solving world problems and actively participate in the solutions in the following areas:

*       Clothing, food and baby formula shortage

*       School supply shortage

*       Overseas Pen-pal program

*       Adopt a sibling program

Our Accomplishments

  • The Foundation launched a Scouting program. To date there are more than 100 scouts participating in the program. The foundation has provided financing to assist the young people to go on camping trips and to host camp meetings.
  • The youth have participated in numerous community awareness initiatives - serving Christmas dinner to the elderly, the orphans and the widows, providing entertainment to others, cleaning school facilities and planting vegetable gardens and distributing fod and clothing to People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA)
  • To date the Scouting Program has 100 children who are now more community focused and compassionate. For the vast majority of these children, this program has for the first time provided them a vision of a world beyond their village.
  • In 2008 the Foundation launched a Playtime Program (Pre-school). To date over 45 children particpate in the program. A typical day includes structured playtime, story time, games, singing and introduction to basic reading and math skills