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Need to Know

Need to Know

AI and the Diversity Predicament

Without a doubt, the transformation of content creation and consumption is being reshaped by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. But what’s happening at the intersection of AI...


Practical Power

Without electricity there’s no AV. And anyone who’s been doing this for a while has seen the steady increase of power cords and power supplies in racks, consoles, credenzas,...


Video Format Basics

Today we swim in a world awash with video formats; so many frame sizes, frame rates, data rates, file sizes, compression algorithms. Terminology gets used and repurposed so much...


Analog Audio Interfacing

You can make all the signals digital, but sound is still an analog phenomenon.  And sometimes using analog audio equipment, or analog connections, is still the best choice because...

More Video

Skillset: Integrating NDI

My first experience with NDI, NewTek’s software platform for video over IP, was to install the software tools on my office computers and see how it behaved. Very cool,...


Skillset: Sound Management

I have a client with a large executive conference room. The table is around 40ft long and seats 40+ people, each of whom has a push-to-talk table mic. There...

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