Sacred Spaces Exhibition Oct. 14 – Jan. 29

October 14, 2022 – January 29, 2023

Included with Your Tour Ticket Starting Friday, Oct. 14

Artist Andrew Pielage’s photographs of Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings, temples, churches, and homes reveal how the architect masterfully creates an experience that feels sanctified and sacred. Viewed as part of the tour of Taliesin West, this exhibition of more than 30 large-scale images allows visitors to draw comparisons while also contrasting the distinctive features of these structures designed by Wright. Experience Sacred Spaces on a tour through January 29, 2023.

Tickets: The exhibition is included with your Tour selection at no additional charge
Location: Indoors

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About The Audio Tour

During this limited-time tour, you will be invited to think about what you find sacred as you tour our UNESCO World Heritage Site and see photographer Andrew Pielage’s photographs of more than a dozen Frank Lloyd Wright structures. From light to geometry, this tour will prompt you to think about the elements that affect your feelings when you enter a space. Staff will be on hand to answer questions! Tours + Exhibition begin October 14.

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Andrew Pielage
Fallingwater, Exterior
Mill Run, Pennsylvania, 2018
34 x 44 inches
© 2021 Andrew Pielage

About the Guided Tour

What do you find sacred? This will be one of the central questions on the tour – and we want to hear from you. We will explore not only how spaces affect us emotionally, but also the role architectural elements play in creating those feelings.

With your guide, experience Taliesin West’s architecture while discovering the elements of sacred spaces around the world, through Pielage’s photographs. Together, you’ll explore questions around light, design, shape, and the influence of the landscape, and discover what spaces are most sacred to you. Tours + Exhibition begin October 14.

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Andrew Pielage
Taliesin, Romeo and Juliet
Spring Green, Wisconsin, 2015
29 x 23 inches
© 2021 Andrew Pielage

Sacred Spaces was organized by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation in cooperation with Beth Sholom Preservation, Taliesin Preservation, and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. All images courtesy of the artist.

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