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Our Growing Culture of Philanthropy

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | Jan 11, 2022

Volunteers, Donors and Members have a profound impact on the spirit that lives on at Taliesin and Taliesin West.

Volunteers, donors, and members are at the core of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. While we are so grateful for the financial support that bolsters our organization and mission, it is our extended community and shared sense of purpose that carries us into the future.

Without you, our vision has nowhere to go. Without you, our ideas have no way to grow. All connections to Taliesin and Taliesin West – from tours to events, from one-time guests to Members – contain the spark that Wright envisioned: the potential to see the world anew, and benefit humanity through the simple act of creating.

Frank Lloyd Wright with Fellows

Taliesin and Taliesin West were cultural hubs – a nexus for architecture, art, and critical thought for decades. They both housed a diversity of creative individuals and their families, a direct conduit to communities at large. The drive was one of progress, pushing boundaries, and imagining a better world. These ideals continue to drive us today.

With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to some very important Members of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation: Frank Vickory and Newton Linebaugh. Their story is both singular and universal. Their connection to Taliesin West and Wright is unique and special, and also similar to stories our Members share time and again.

Foundation Members, Frank Vickory and Newton Linebaugh

Frank and Newton’s story is one that grows with each passing day. Frank and Newton relocated to the Valley of the Sun in October 2020, having previously lived in Florida and Colorado. They made a conscious decision that, for them, a successful retirement would include both life-long learning and community involvement.

Prior to moving to Arizona, Frank was heavily involved with the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL, as a volunteer docent and, in Colorado, he volunteered as a tour guide at the State Capitol and gave museum and walking tours for the Historic Denver Foundation.

Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, FL

Newton, an avid gardener, became a certified Master Gardner in both Florida and Colorado and volunteered at Denver Botanic Gardens.

Denver Botanic Gardens

When they moved to Arizona, they once again made it a priority to find opportunities to engage in ways that they would find fun, interesting and challenging and, at the same time, make a positive impact on their new community.  They were hardly settled in, when in December 2020, they visited Taliesin West, and in their words, “took a wonderful tour (thank you, Anjelica!) and realized immediately that the symbiosis of the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright and the incomparable beauty of the Sonoran Desert was something we have to be a part of!”

This heartwarming tale is wonderful – but it doesn’t end there. It becomes even more inspiring when we hear about the direct impact their Membership has on Taliesin West and its visitors.

The Garden Room, Taliesin West

Preservation of our campus is central to our story, and when Frank and Newton heard we needed help preparing for a Dale Chihuly exhibition at Taliesin West, they wanted to ensure visitors felt the same wonderment they did.

The Garden Room at Taliesin West was the Wrights’ living room, designed and built for entertaining. As we curated our Chihuly in the Desert exhibition, we knew we would use this room to highlight the relationship between the two artists. To properly do so, the Garden Room was in need of some updates.

With a fresh coat of paint, newly upholstered chairs and bench seats – all restored to Wright-era – the stage was set for the most beautiful installation of  Celadon Baskets by Dale Chihuly.

Image courtesy of Dale Chihuly Studio, 2022

While watching the transformation of the space in the early fall, a simple comment that the “renovated space would not be complete without new carpet” led to a generous donation and the perfect finishing touch.  Frank and Newton not only saw a need but were ready to act and stepped in with a gift to make the restoration journey complete in every way. Just another way Frank and Newton make a positive impact on the legacy of Taliesin West and the shared experience of thousands of visitors. Thank you, Frank! Thank you, Newton!

You, too, can be a part of our expanding community. There are opportunities to volunteer, donate, become members, or even work at the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. If you are interested in learning more about the day-to-day work conducted here at Taliesin West or in Wisconsin at Taliesin and how your gifts make the work possible, please contact your Advancement Team at  We would love to answer any questions and share more inspiring stories with you!




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