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Draw your own Elevation!

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | Dec 7, 2017

As part of the 150th birthday celebration, inspire your kids to dream big and think boldly, like Frank Lloyd Wright. Use this activity sheet to draw an elevation. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Elevation drawings show the different faces of a building. They help architects understand measurements, such as how tall the building will be.

Look at this imaginary street. You’ll notice that there is an empty space between the faces, or elevations, of the buildings. Fill in the empty space with an elevation of a building. Get creative with the elevation of your building! It can even face a different direction than the other buildings on the street. What does your elevation tell you about the building? How tall is your building? What will people know by looking at the face of your building?

Download the activity sheet here.

Follow the instructions on the sheet to submit your child’s creation. We will print a limited number of submissions in a future issue of the Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly magazine and share some on our blog and social media.

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All illustrations by Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Graphic Design Fellow Ruth Lin. 

News and updates from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation